Paint a Masterpiece a Day
is a unique painting course I designed over the years for students of all ages, abilities and levels of experience. No pre-requisite required, except a desire to paint. 

I developed this program as I worked in various locations with participants from all walks of life: from students age 5 through high school and with adults through continuing education as well as veterans. At the end of each painting session, my students come away with a painting that delights them. The only thing I require is a willingness to use kind, positive adjectives in describing their efforts. The word "can't" is simply not allowed. It is amazing how much we can accomplish by not giving voice to our inner critic. 

In each session, over zoom, participants will follow along with me, as together, we recreate a different masterpiece from artists such as, but not limited to, Vincent Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt and Claude Monet. You will not be asked to turn on your camera, but a brief critique is encouraged at the end of each session for participants who wish to share their work with the group.

I show students how to mix paint colors from 5 specific colors in order to uncover their own unique color palette. I invite you to relax and enjoy the process of getting to know your inner artist.